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Active Painfree Mobility Through all Stages of Life  

At Wicklow physiotherapy we will:

  • Thoroughly and carefully assess you
  • Explain the problem in detail
  • Fix you as quickly as possible
  • Show you how to stay painfree for longer

No problem is too great or too small. Whether you are a casual exerciser or high level athlete we have the experience and determination to treat your injury.   Every patient is treated to a physiotherapy experience of the highest standard.     We specialise in evidence based, hands-on physiotherapy treatment and individualised exercise programme for a wide variety of problems.

With more moving parts than any other machine, it’s not surprising your body occasionally cries out in pain or refuses to do what you tell it to do. After all, there are hundreds of different muscles and joints that can go wrong. Fortunately, there is an effective way to treat many of the problems you can experience, physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help the muscles and joints in your spine and limbs to work to their full potential. It can help repair damage by speeding up the healing process and reduce pain and stiffness. However, physiotherapists don’t just offer treatment. Their advice can help you prevent problems returning or even happening in the first place.

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